"The Crab Capital of the World"

Crisfield has its roots in the seafood industry harvesting the treasures of the Chesapeake Bay. The work ethic, talent and ingenuity of the watermen, seafood producers, farmers, craftsman and the families who built the City of Crisfield continues today.

The City of Crisfield is a popular destination for travelers and visitors who want to experience the culture of a waterman's town and the natural beauty of Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore. For over thirty years the Chamber has been promoting the benefits, attractions and peaceful lifestyle of this quiet waterfront town. With the local community, the Chamber has established nationally recognized events such as the J. Millard Tawes Crab and Clam Bake and the National Hard Crab Derby.

"Heart of the Chesapeake"

Produced by the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce

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